Children aged 3 – 4 are physically adept and trying to explore as much as possible about the world around them. Our ABC Preschool & Childcare centers in Albuquerque offer amazing learning opportunities with well-trained teachers and staff members. Not only are the activities educational, but we incorporate fun to help kids enjoy the experience.

Albuquerque child careEngaging children with many different types of games can improve their social, verbal, cognitive and physical skills. We are particularly focused on the following:

  • Motor skill development – at this age range, outdoor games, dancing, balance and other movements are the priority
  • Language development – speech, reading, and writing are all important parts of language
  • Sensory development – different descriptive games and sensory stimuli help preschoolers to understand their own capabilities
  • Imaginative development – creative storytelling, arts, and crafts projects are all incorporated to expand their imagination
  • Social development – before entering school with new students, it is best for children to develop social skills and cooperation with others