Each stage of development throughout the first five years of life is important in different ways. The 4 – 5 year age range is important for helping prepare children to go to kindergarten and start official schooling. Our Albuquerque Childcare centers provide quality care to children of this age.

Albuquerque day careOur kindergarten preparations include helping children learn letters, words, numbers, and even early math and science concepts. We also bolster their interest in creative pursuits like arts, crafts, storytelling, and dramatic play. Finally, we incorporate physical development with both indoor and outdoor games and team activities to incorporate social cooperation between children.

The ABC Preschool curriculum was developed by early education specialists according to strict national accrediting associations. We go above and beyond the traditional guidelines to ensure children have an advantage when entering kindergarten.

Each of our well-trained teachers prepares lessons to combine theoretic knowledge with interesting experiences and play. The introduction of social studies, maths, and sciences is done with fun in mind to engage children and keep them interested in the subject. As challenging as our curriculum can be, it is always something for children to look forward to. Please visit our locations for more information about our Albuquerque Pre-K program