The infant stage of growth is imperative, but children are still growing rapidly as toddlers. At our Albuquerque childcare, we welcome this malleable age group to improve their physical and cognitive development even further. Our main focus revolves around the following areas:

  • Albuquerque preschoolMotor skill development – this includes more difficult movements like tossing, catching, rolling, crawling, and in many cases walking.
  • Language development – reading is important to help children better grasp their mother language. We provide reading time and speech development opportunities.
  • Music and movement – music is incredibly powerful for cognitive development as is outdoor play.
  • Shapes and colors – basic concepts are not readily apparent to toddlers, which is why we teach shapes and colors among other things, like the alphabet.
  • Artistic development – construction and art projects help toddlers to develop creative parts of their brain.

At ABC Preschool & Childcare, we provide sensory based, active experiences that help toddlers to learn about the world around them. In this most important development phase, our work is vital in the success of their lives. Visit toddler rooms in any of our 5 locations.