The earliest stages of your infant’s life is the most important for brain and body development. At ABC Preschool & Childcare, we take Albuquerque infant care to another level to provide the safest environment that will teach babies about the world.

Albuquerque Infant Daycare

Bonding and developing trust with your baby is a key priority, which is why we cuddle, rock, and sing to your baby as if it were our own. At this stage in the infant’s development, it is worthwhile to start games that provide an educational foundation in major areas including:

  • Motor skill development – this includes grasping and clutching movements
  • Sensory development – including touching, feeling, and listening to sounds
  • Social play – interacting with other human beings

Babies feel safe in our infant care centers, which are specially designed with them in mind. With plenty of room to explore and express themselves, infants have the space to learn about the world around them. Personal cribs offer separation and privacy for infants.

We also provide reports about the development of your infant to provide the best direction for your teaching and home care. This way, your child can develop at home and child care at the same pace. Please stop into any of our 5 locations to learn more about the infant room.